Our beautiful town must prepare to overcome the COVID19 pandemic and move forward. In doing so, we must begin to plan and find practical and responsible ways of continuing the development of Corozal Town to create economic opportunities for our residents. In this vein, the Corozal Town Council is considering entering into a formal understanding with Maximum Water Project developers, Belizean investors Marwin Humes and Theodore Pacheco, who want to bring their idea of a world-class inflatable, eco-friendly Water Park to our Corozal Bay.

Since the developerís initial approach in June, CTC has insisted that the project proposal first undergoes the scrutiny of health, environment and other relevant authorities. CTC also values the participation of the community and has held at least three consultation sessions with local conservation and tourism-related groups and individuals, and also a representative of the neighbourhood watch committee for the immediate area where the project is proposed.

Our next step is to seek feedback from the public regarding this project that promises to attract greater local and international tourism to our town, create much-needed job opportunities, while conserving the beauty of our environment in its natural state.

We have always believed that one of our most precious resources is the Bay and that we must find ways of enabling opportunities and development in a sustainable manner.

We believe Corozal Town will bounce back from the current state of affairs, and when we do, with the support of the business community and our residents, we will continue to move forward.

We invite you to participate by viewing this comprehensively informative video, and submit comments or questions to [email protected]

CLICK HERE for the video.

- The Corozal Town Council