Comments by Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte:

*Football Federation of Belize held their elections in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Government.
* Lockdown still in place for San Pedro and the three villages in the North where curfew is 8pm-5am
*Standard curfew from Monday-Sunday 9 pm-5 am until September 4
*Children curfew remains at 6pm
*cycling will be allowed, single file only 6ft apart and no mask. Walking and running also allowed
* Gymnasiums will be closed
* No private parties with persons outside the household
* No sporting events, whether recreational or competitive
*Only 10 persons at Weddings
*No public social event
*No fraternal meetings
*No Church services
*spa, beauty salon and barbershops by appointment only, two people at a time.
*Social distancing and masks must also be worn
*take out, drive-thru and delivery only for restaurants. No inside dining
*Street side vendors must sell out of their homes or park their stand on private property.
*Street food vendors in lockdown areas must sell from home.

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