It's time: We've decided to raise our GoFundMe goal.

We hoped it wouldn't be necessary, but unfortunately it is. These last months the people of Caye Caulker have worked very hard to pull themselves up after the lockdowns in March and April. Some managed to stay afloat working a little here and there, some didn't find opportunities to work, others re-invented their businesses and started to do quite well.

Now people feel that the rug is taken from underneath them. In the last weeks many new Covid cases have emerged in the country, including 14 on our Caye. The result: Restrictions have been reinforced to almost a lock-down level, businesses are once again closing, local tourism on the weekends has vanished and the airport remains closed.


With all the new restrictions in the country plus the fact that we are currently the only program on the Caye serving meals, our numbers are rising dramatically. Some weeks ago we were still serving meals for 300 people a day on average. Last week our average was 450 people a day. You guessed it right: This means we're running out of funds much quicker than expected.


Our current funds will last us for 7 more weeks, until October 9th. It would be great if after that time we could stop doing what we're doing. But the reality is, we just can't see that happening. We're only just at the beginning of this new lock-down. These restrictions will last a while, and after some are lifted, it will require some time for people to bounce back.

For those that are struggling financially, we like people to be able to pay their rent, their utility bills, their children's school fees and let us provide a daily meal.

We're raising our goal to 85,000 USD, which is an additional 18,000 USD on what we've raised to date. Providing meals for 450 people, our current maximum budget is 1,575 BZD a day (2.50 BZD for the main meal and 1.00 BZD for an extra item + fruit). Stretching our dollar and simplifying meals, we will try our best to spend less and hope to be able to provide meals for 1,350 BZD a day for 450 people.

The 18,000 USD will allow us to prolong our program for an extra month and a half into mid-November. Adding cash and in-kind donations that we might receive right here on the island + our increased effort to stretch our dollar even more, our goal is to be able to provide meals until Thanksgiving (the American one).


We've seen additional donations come in this last week, as many of you already realized that the need is growing. Thank you all so much! It has given us a great head start.

As we stretch to reach our new goal, it will be difficult, and that's where you come in. So donate, share, tell your friends, tell everyone who wants to listen! We really need to push this time. But we do believe that together we can do this.

Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen