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The San Pedro Sun

Female resident of Ambergris Caye among most recent COVID-19 casualties
COVID-19 continues to take lives in Belize, and among the four recent deaths associated with the deadly disease is a female from San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The patient had prior health conditions which are believed to have been worsened by the virus. Director of Health Services in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, shared details on Monday, August 24th during the Ask the Experts live online show. Manzanero said the female island resident had liver complications, and when tested for other contributing factors, she was confirmed to be positive with COVID-19.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Tuesday, August 25th, Meal Pick ups: Location: FOOD REPUBLIC. Times: Village: 11:00-11:45. Bahia: 11:45-12:30.

Flood Report and Forecast - August 24, 2020
REGION 7 - On the Blue Creek sub-catchment of the RIO HONDO at Blue Creek and downstream at Santa Cruz, San Antonio, San Roman, and Douglas levels are above normal and falling. On the NEW RIVER at Tower Hill and Caledonia levels are above normal and falling. REGION 9 - On the MACAL RIVER, reservoir levels are below the spillways at Chalillo Mollejon and Vaca facilities. At San Ignacio, levels are below the low-level bridge and falling. The MOPAN RIVER at Benque Viejo Town is above normal steady. On the BELIZE RIVER, levels at Banana Bank and Double Run are above normal and receding slowly. On the CROOKED TREE LAGOON levels remain below the causeway and receding slowly...

COVID-19 Update from Office of Director of Health Services
As discussed earlier, this depicts the number of active cases including today’s data. In Stann Creek you will note a higher number than positive cases identified and that is because that is where the person is completing the quarantine period. This format will only be reported weekly. We are also following another suspect case who died earlier, this in Orange Walk.

Ministry of Natural Resources Land Registry Department Closed to Public
The Ministry of Natural Resources informs the public that the Land Registry Department office will be closed to the public effective August 25, 2020 until further notice. During this time, the Department will be providing services remotely. • For persons who wish to submit an application to the Land Registry Department, forms can be retrieved from the Ministry’s website at

The Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry COVID-19 Preventative Measures
We are closely monitoring the updates around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and we want to ensure that we are taking all the precautionary measures to avoid any risks. In an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, the Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry hereby informs the general public that effective Tuesday, August 25th 2020, our office will be opened on Tuesdays and Thursdays only from 8 a.m to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. for picking up, dropping of documents and making payments. Cashier closes at 3:30pm.

GOB Announces the Close of the First Call for Applications under the MSME Support Program and the Opening of a Second Call
The Government of Belize announces that the initial application period for the MSME Support Program closed at midnight on August 21, 2020. The program was launched on August 1, 2020 through a collaborative effort led by the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development, and BELTRAIDE. It offers $14.5 million in the form of grants, loans, and wage subsidies to assist micro (two to four full time employees, including the owner), small (five to 20 full time employees), and medium (21 to 51 full-time employees) enterprises negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Santa Rosa and San Roman Having Water Problems
The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development hereby notifies the residents of Santa Rosa and San Roman, Stann Creek District, that the rudimentary water system is experiencing mechanical problems. Therefore, there is no water in the village. The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Unit along with the Water Board is working diligently to have water restored by tomorrow, August 25, 2020.

Additional COVID19 numbers for the Belize District
Central Health Region adds more emergency lines to cover Belize City, villages in Belize District and the Cayes. Call us for any Covid-19 health issue.

Process for Departing Belize
The applicant must submit request to Belize's Director of Immigration via email to director( with a copy to protocolbelize( and consular( with the following: 1. Purpose of travel 2. Intended date of travel 3. Intended port of exit 4. A copy of the applicant's valid passport bio-data page If exiting Belize via the Norther Border Station, the applicant must include: 5. Evidence of reason for travel (i.e. school enrolment letter, or medical appointment letter) If exiting Belize for medical purposes, the applicant must provide...

Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen Raises GoFundMe Goal
It's time: We've decided to raise our GoFundMe goal. We hoped it wouldn't be necessary, but unfortunately it is. These last months the people of Caye Caulker have worked very hard to pull themselves up after the lockdowns in March and April. Some managed to stay afloat working a little here and there, some didn't find opportunities to work, others re-invented their businesses and started to do quite well. Now people feel that the rug is taken from underneath them. In the last weeks many new Covid cases have emerged in the country, including 14 on our Caye. The result: Restrictions have been reinforced to almost a lock-down level, businesses are once again closing, local tourism on the weekends has vanished and the airport remains closed...

BCCI Calls on the Government to Consult on Amendments to Labour Laws
Belize’s economy is estimated to contract by perhaps as much as twenty percent this year, affecting every business, every citizen, and shrinking the government’s revenues. It is unrealistic to assume that life continues as normal and that employers and employees remain unaffected. As such, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) views progressive tripartism among Government, employers and employees as critically important to the way Belize negotiates this global pandemic and the resultant local impact. The BCCI echoes the sentiments expressed in the Senate on August 19th 2020 by Senator for the business community, Senator Markhelm Lizarraga, regarding the recently tabled and passed Labour (Amendment) Bill 2020...

Belize Police Youth Cadet Corp (BPYCC) inspiring and developing young leaders
For over 20 years, the Belize Police Youth Cadet Corp (BPYCC) has inspired and developed young leaders in communities across the country! THANK YOU Belize Police Department, Police Public Relations and Belize Defence Force for your excellent guidance of our future leaders. We are honored to assist the cadets countrywide with back to school supplies and much needed household items. The #BPYCC has 1049 cadet members countrywide who gain access to educational activities and tours, nutritional programs, camps, training seminars, physical and communication skills development, inter-district sporting events and local and regional Cadet exchange programs.

Webinar: What is Your Formula to Face the Pandemic?
The Department of Youth Services is having a webinar about dealing with the pandemic this Wednesday at noon. Hey guys! What are you doing this Wednesday (Aug. 26th)? Join in on the conversation at 12pm Belizean time as different people discuss how they’re facing this pandemic.

Huay poop or Uay poop
Black butcher bird in whose body is the spirit of Kakasbal. He falls on his victims and takes them away forever. This being of the Mayab we refer to the Huay Poop, a sorcerer who on certain nights takes the form of a horrible and gigantic black bird, but there are also many more who claim that this evil creature is one more the transmutations of the Genius of Evil, the "Kakasbal" .

SIB commences training for September round of the Labour Force Survey
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) today commenced training for its upcoming September Labour Force Survey (LFS). Training will take place from August 24th- September 3rd and a total of 38 interviewers and 9 editors will be participating. In response to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the SIB has adapted its method of training, from face-to-face to virtual training using Zoom.

Channel 7

COVID Deaths Double Over Weekend
When we left you on Friday, there were 5 COVID deaths; tonight, there are 10. The death toll doubled over the weekend, while the number of confirmed cases increased by 65 from 648 to 713, with 658 active cases. Today on Ask the Experts, the Director of Health Services discussed the last four cases whited racked up in quick succession - including Verna Gladden, a new mother who had just delivered her daughter by C-Section. Dr. Manzanero begins his recounting with the death of San Felipe resident Natalio Wicab on Saturday night:

San Felipe’s Natalio Wicab Dies Of COVID
Similarly, 62 year old Natalio Wicab - who died from COVID complications on Saturday - reportedly has family members who are infected. And, the San Felipe villager also had an extensive network of co-workers who now have to be tested. He worked at the Caribbean Chicken Processing Plant in Blue Creek - and today Armando Cowo of the Poultry Association remembered his friend:

Caribbean Chicken Forced To Shutdown & Sanitize After Wicab’s Death
So, as you heard, Wicab had co-morbidities, or what you might call pre-existing conditions which complicated his COVID condition. And his infection and death also complicates matters for the Poultry Industry where his place of employment, Caribbean Chicken has been forced to close down for at least three days to conduct a contact tracing exercise. Cowo told us more:

Wicab’s Sister Dies
And, there is late-breaking news is that a younger sister of COVID death number 7 Natalio Wicab has also died. She is Teresita Wicab. At this time, her death is not known to be linked to COVID 19, but she was hypertensive and was having difficulty breathing at the time of her death this evening - according to CTV-3. He family does suspect its COVID - but we stress this has to be confirmed by testing. We can only send best wishes to the family mourning two unexpected deaths within days - while other family members are being treated for COVID 19.

27 Positives Today, Majority From OW
So, apart from the doubling of the death count since Friday, the weekend testing also showed 65 new infections. This afternoon on Ask The experts, Dr. Manzanero went over today's results - which include 27 positive samples: "We have 27 cases that are positive out of a 181 tests that were done. The preliminary breakdown is as follows..."

Does Orange Walk Dist. Have Community Spread?
As you heard, today's results show 16 new cases from the Orange Walk District, including in Orange Walk Town, August Pine Ridge, San Felipe, Yo Creek, San Lazaro, San Jose Palmar, and San Estevan. That's in addition to 15 over the weekend. So, does the Orange Walk District have community spread? Dr. Manzanero said a team went from Belmopan to that District to try and arrest just that:

UDP Politician Lee Mark Tests Positive For COVID 19
And one Belize City politician believes that the City may have much more spread than we know. The UDP's Lee Mark Chang has tested positive for COVID, and, to his credit, has come forward to discuss his experience, but also to warn the public that there are many asymptomatic carriers out there who don't know they have it. How does he know? Because he could have been one! He spoke to Jules Vasquez via Zoom video conference:

When Will The Curve Peak?
Another leading Belize City restaurant, the River Tavern announced that an employee tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. They today announced that they immediately closed the restaurant for a deep cleaning and sanitization of the premises. They add, quote, "We are working along with the Ministry of Health to conduct a mapping exercise, and we continue to monitor the health of our other employees at The Tavern."

KHMH’s COVID Unit Filled On Weekend
And that means a very tough two weeks ahead for the staff in the KHMH COVID unit. On Saturday, the KHMH almost triggered a national alarm when it announced that the COVID unit had reached its full capacity, and the hospital was implementing its "COVID surge plan." That meant the activation of the Accident and Emergency ward as an extended COVID unit. Incoming A&E cases were then re-routed to an alternate area in the specialist outpatient clinic. Today, Manzanero discussed this event, and decidedly downplayed the apparent urgency:

Police Officer Caught Smuggling Border Jumper
Tonight police constable Jonathan Cal has been placed under quarantine pending charges. That's after he and his wife were caught attempting to facilitate a pregnant border jumper, who is reportedly a family member. It happened near the Jalacte checkpoint where the officer is said to have resisted arrest. And this morning Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told us that Cal, who should have been setting an example, won't be spared.

Man Claims Cop/Mask Extortion
And in more police bad behavior there have been widespread reports of state of emergency extortion. Cops, fully cognizant of the widespread community fear of getting caught without a mask, are making a few hundred dollars off people trying to avoid a $5,000.00 fine. And over the weekend that's just what an officer posted at Tower Hill attempted to do to an American national. Except he got reported. Here's what the commissioner plans to do with him.

COMPOL Proposes Harsh Penally For Cops Who Hustle Off Masks
And while that officer will be tried in the Supreme Court, his colleagues should take heed not to make the same error in judgment. That's because the Commissioner has devised a new punishment for extortionist cops. He told us more this morning. "We are in receipt of other complaints but not official complaints at this time. We are trying to get those persons to come forward and make their complaints and so I have also discussed the matter with the AG because I believe that there might be a lot out there but people are not coming forward how the law is currently structured..."

Corporal Eligio In Trouble Again
And while the Commissioner hopes the new penalty will straighten out a few rogue cops, there may be more than a few "bad apples" within the force. Case in point Corporal Elton Eligio, he's the cop who last year was charged for a flurry of traffic offenses in a fatal accident, including manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving without a valid drivers license, driving an unlicensed motor vehicle, negligent grievous harm, and failing to provide a specimen for testing.

Businessman From 88 Group Remanded
And while that cop was remanded for failure to provide a gun license and believed to be under the influence of alcohol, late this evening, a big time Chinese businessman who says he has a business on the upper floor of 88 Shopping Centre, found himself in the same position and is also on remand at the Belize Central Prison. 32-year-old Yinghui Zhen of #3707 Central American Boulevard was arraigned late this evening in the Belize City Magistrate's Court on two charges: one count of possession of a firearm whilst under the influence of alcohol, and failure to provide specimen.

Alleged Robber Killed
There was a fatal shooting that happened in Belize City, and the man who pulled the trigger is claiming self-defense because the deceased man attacked him with a weapon. The victim is as 18-year-old Dennis Lamb, a resident of Holy Emmanuel Street, In January, Lamb made the evening news as a suspect on the run who was wanted by police for the crimes of burglary, robbery, and escaping from lawful custody.

Supermarket Robbery Thwarted By Fearless Security
And from that fatal shooting, we report now on what could have been another fatal shooting in an attempted robbery gone wrong at the Twins Supermarket, on Saint Thomas Street in Belize City. At around 7:30 on Saturday morning a gunman came barrelling into the supermarket and got into a tangle with a fearless security guard.

PM Says September Airport Opening Slipping Away Fast
Changing gears now. If things had gone as planned - (and in the COVID world they never do) - Belize would already be into a strange sort of tourist season. The airport was to have opened on August 15th - but that's just when COVID cases started spiking like crazy. So, there was no joy for tourism interest in August - and the question now is when will the airport open up for tourists? On Friday, in his press conference, the Prime Minister said it's still a known unknown:

PM On PHI Shortage
Of course, opening the airport in the COVID era is not just an isolate act - it involves many players from customs, to immigration, to health, to baggage handlers. On Friday when 90 Belizeans were repatriated multiple accounts say it did not go well. On Friday we asked the PM about the shortage of Public Health inspectors... Jules Vasquez: "Speaking specifically about the central region and the unavailability of public health inspectors, if the airport were to have open today we wouldn't have enough public health inspectors to handle it. I raised all this simply to ask additional funds have not been made available for the hiring of extra staff. Funds have not been spent on that, lavish funds have been set aside for this tracking device which I understand would be rented for 6 months, I am told a million dollars this tracking device that people would put on their hands or the Mike Singh geo fencing fantasy, are you able to speak about the priorities for the government in terms what really is the priority?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: I would agree with you if you are suggesting that the additional hires that are clearly necessary in terms of the human resources would be the number one priority, you won't get any argument from me..."

Breaking Down Last Week’s COVID Deaths
And fast forwarding to today's Ask The Experts Session, Dr. Manzanero discussed the two COVID deaths that occurred over the weekend of august 15th and 16th. "The third and fourth patient that died on the previous weekend of this one that just went by, they had had interaction with the system practically very minimal. In the case of one patient died while receiving care at a private institution and the other patient arrived - none of these patients arrived to the private or public institution with SARS-COVID2..."

COVID Deaths Not Caused Principally By Respirators
And, in that explanation, Dr. Manzanero explained that it's pre-existing conditions, not respirators that care causing deaths: "For our indication I think what we had said earlier in terms of chronic diseases it's started to become a reality in terms of our context with risk factor seeming to be right now..."

Police Deliver Baby
So far on the news tonight, we've told you about three instances of bad police behavior. They're the kind of offenses that do no credit to the department and leave the Commissioner to give sheepish and reluctant explanations. But it's not all bad news because on Friday night when a woman in labor stumbled into the Mahogany Street substation, the two officers on duty went above and beyond their job descriptions to safeguard the life of the new mother and her child. And earlier today they were both Commended by the Commissioner.

COVID Causes Pregnancy Complications
And while that mother had an easy if eventful delivery, it could have been a lot more dire, because pregnancy and delivery are also under the threat of COVID-19. That's because of the increased risk of Blood clots brought on by what we're quickly learning is a systemic disease. We got some advice for expecting moms from Maternal and Child Care expert Dr. Natalia Beer.

Alfred Usher, the Man Who Talked Too Much
Last week we told you about contrabandista Alfred Usher, he went from quarantine to Kolbe Foundation after a committal warrant for a 2017 unpaid fine came to light. And this morning Commissioner Chester Williams told us that Usher should have talked less and smiled more, explaining that the incriminating information only came to light after Usher's first media interview.

AG On Why FFB Congress Still Happened
When we left you last night after the news, it was with the impression from the Prime Minister that the Government wasn't going to allow the Football Federation of Belize to hold its Congress to elect a new executive. That's the clear message that Prime Minister Barrow gave while answering a question on that topic since gatherings of more than 10 people are currently illegal under the State of Emergency Regulations.

Chuc, Back At The FFB Helm
Today, Sergio Chuc, the re-elected president of the FFB, granted us a teleconference interview in which he discussed the outcome of the Congress. But, while we had the opportunity, we asked him what was so urgent that the Congress had to take place during a spike in the number of positive COVID-19 cases. Here's how he answered that: "The election had been called for over 6 months now, and it had been postponed twice already. And every time the election is postponed, we have to give an addition - whenever we are ready to start - we have to give 60 days' notice..."

Curfew Back In Effect, Here's Why
So, as we've shown you, the country's COVID-19 numbers increased once again with 65 newly confirmed cases since Friday, and 5 more COVID-related deaths, which brings the total to 10. During last week's Friday's press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced how the enforced State of Emergency regulations would become more strict, as the government tries to slow the spread of the disease. Those latest changes to the SOE took effect on Midnight Saturday, which meant that on Sunday, they came into effect.

Gyms Have To Close For Two Weeks
So, while those businesses get a 24-hour pass as essential services, there are those businesses that have been mandated to close under the State of Emergency, due to the risk of amplifying the community spread of the virus. The AG had an update on those enterprises which have to close, and he said that gymnasiums are now among that list. Here are those comments:

Around The Clock Services
There were also a few changes the types of businesses that are being allowed to operate in this stricter version of the State of Emergency. There are a number of important ones that the government is granting permission to conduct 24-hour operations, regardless of whether they are in the communities on lockdown, or the rest of the country, in which gatherings of more than 10 people is now illegal. Here's what the Attorney General had to say about those types of businesses:

Channel 5

10 COVID-Deaths & 27 New COVID-19 Cases
The number of COVID related deaths is sneaking up quickly and the situation is putting pressure on the health system. Four persons died from COVID-19 related complications over the weekend; [...]

A closer look at COVID-19 related deaths
So, as you heard just now – there are ten COVID-related deaths in Belize within the span of about thirty-six hours. Three of the deceased are females, while seven are [...]

Caribbean Chicken and San Felipe Villager dies of COVID-19 complications
Now, we take a look at the COVID-19 patients who died this weekend. We start off with patient number seven, Natalio Wicab of San Felipe Village. Wicab was a supervisor [...]

Verna Gladden dies of COVID-19 complications days after giving birth
Two more men died over the weekend – but now we turn to the case of thirty-year-old Verna Gladden who passed away just after nine this morning at the K.H.M.H. [...]

Two more COVID-19 deaths – both men from northern Belize.
The other two deaths to report tonight are two males; one is a sixty-five-year –old and the other is a fifty-eight-year-old Marcelo Alcoser of Caledonia Village. D.H.S. Marvin Manzanero tells [...]

Lee Mark Chang Tests Positive for COVID-19
Well-known restaurateur and former Senate President Lee Mark Chang has tested positive for COVID-19 and remains in quarantine at his residence here in Belize City.  The businessman received a phone [...]

DHS explains KHMH Isolation Unit surge.
With the number of deaths and positive cases climbing so fast, the COVID 19 isolation unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital has maxed out. On Saturday, the K.H.M.H. issued [...]

Backfire: Dennis Lamb Gunned Down During Robbery Attempt
A nineteen-year-old man, who has had a history with the law, was shot and killed on Friday during an attempted robbery. He is Dennis Lamb and his fatal shooting occurred [...]

Security Guard Injured During Robbery Attempt at Twins Supermarket
A security guard on duty at Twins Supermarket on St. Thomas Street had a near brush with death on Saturday morning as an armed robber tried on several occasions to [...]

Police Charged for Extortion
And while that police officer in the south was caught facilitating a border jumper, in the north an officer was charged with extortion. On Saturday, the officer was posted at [...]

New Law to Deal to Deal with Police Who Commit Extortion
According to Commissioner Williams, incidents of extortion by police officers have increased recently. He says that the law is to be amended to fast track the process to get a [...]

Police Officer Caught Facilitating Border Jumper
Over the weekend a police officer was caught smuggling a border jumper in the south. The officer and his wife were stopped at a checkpoint in Punta Gorda.  Police and [...]

Police Officer Caught Drunk Driving, With Unlicensed Firearm
A third officer is in trouble with the law; the corporal of police was caught drunk driving and in possession of an unlicensed firearm. Elton Elijio was in a black [...]

Police to sport a new gym courtesy of Lord Ashcroft COVID 19 Relief Fund
Some good news for the police; the Department will be sporting a new gym at the Police Fitness Centre.  Funding has been provided by the Lord Ashcroft COVID 19 Relief [...]

COVID-19 deadly among pregnant women with high risk factors
The death of new mom thirty-year-old Verna Gladden has left many pregnant women concerned about delivering these babies during this pandemic. So, today the Ministry of Health’s Technical Advisor in [...]

Tips for pregnant women to keep safe during the pandemic
So, what can expecting moms do to protect their health and avoid contracting the virus? Beer says that it starts with the routine precautionary measures  – always wear a face [...]

Baby is Born in Police Station
While three cops went rogue over the weekend, two law enforcement offices are receiving praises for delivering a baby at the Mahogany Police Sub precinct. On Saturday morning a pregnant [...]

FFB Holds 2020 Congress; Sergio Chuc Re-elected as Its President
The Football Federation of Belize held its 2020 congress in Belmopan over the weekend, despite initial concerns from members of the organization regarding social distancing and other safety measures in [...]

DHS comments on the repatriation process
On Friday we showed you the arrivals of the Belizeans who came in on the repatriation flight at the Philip Goldson International Airport. The report was that close to a [...]

Guinea Grass Village Council writes to PM – “ Lift the lockdown”
Two protests were held in Guinea Grass Village last week. The northern community is under lockdown until the first week of September but villagers complain that they have been suffering [...]

Will other villages in the north be placed under a lockdown?
And while the Guinea Grass Village Council and NAVO champion the lifting of the lockdown of the village – D.H.S. Marvin Manzanero says that the spread of the virus in [...]

Alfred “Big Red” Usher Wanted
Alfred “Big Red” Usher last week bitterly complained to News Five that he has been illegally and unfairly detained and placed in quarantine. He was caught in Orange Walk with [...]

The police needs in identifying a John DOE who was hit by car
Police are asking the public for their assistance in identifying an elderly man who was knocked down over the weekend. The man was hit by a car that was driven [...]

Police in Ladyville Investigate Stabbing
Police in Ladyville are investigating a stabbing which occurred on Saturday night. Adrian Hulse was walking on Pigeon Street when he was reportedly approached by Elcide Bainton who uttered the [...]

A taxi fare robs and shoots his taxi driver
Police in Cayo are investigating a robbery which left a taxi driver with gunshot injuries.  On Saturday night Gerson Ramirez was operating his taxi with his wife in the passenger [...]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Angelus Press employee tests positive for COVID-19; Belize City store sanitized
In a press release issued earlier tonight, the Angelus Press Limited advised the general public […]

“Man reinfected with COVID-19 more than four months after recovery,” says Hong Kong researchers
Reuters reports that researchers in Hong Kong have documented their first instance of a person […]

Chamber of Commerce calls on Government to rethink recent labour law amendment
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is calling on the Government of Belize (GOB) […]

Belmopan Medical Center clarifies media reports on death of COVID-19 patient from Hope Creek village
The Belmopan Medical Center (BMC) says that, contrary to some media reports, Iris Rose Barillas, […]

Sister of San Felipe’s COVID-19 victim Natalio Wicab dies of breathing complications
Tely Cruz, the sister of Natalio Wicab who died yesterday due to complications associated with […]

Woman dies after being chopped to the throat
Today, Rosa Chinchia passed away. Chinchia was stabbed on August 17, 2020 when she refused […]

Land Registry Department closes office until further notice
The Ministry of Natural Resources informed today that the Land Registry Department office will be […]

Government announces closure of 1st call for applications under MSME program
The Government of Belize informed today that the initial application period for the MSME Support […]

Water system in Santa Rosa and San Roman experiencing mechanical problems
The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development today notified the residents of Santa […]

Lee Mark Chang tests positive for COVID-19; Chon Saan Palace closed for sanitization
Owner of Chon Saan Palace and United Democratic Party (UDP) standard bearer for Caribbean Shores, […]

Caribbean Chicken temporarily closes countrywide after employee dies from COVID-19 complications
Caribbean Chicken has temporarily closed down its branches countrywide, after an employee from Big Creek […]

Guinea Grass makes plea to end lockdown
The villages of Guinea Grass, Shipyard and Santa Martha, Orange Walk District, have been under […]

Standard & Poor’s raises Belize’s ratings after debt restructuring completion
Belize is out of selective default territory per Standard and Poor’s rating agency, but only […]

Anglican teacher dies after testing positive for COVID-19
Anglican Teacher, Verna Gladden, passed away this morning after testing positive for COVID-19. Gladden recently […]

Ministry of Health investigating two more suspected COVID deaths
On Sunday, the Director of Health Services (DHS) informed that a patient was transferred from […]

Unemployment relief approvals yet to come
On August 3, 2020, Belizeans began submitting applications for phase 2 of the unemployment relief […]

Wanted man captured
We have confirmed that police have recaptured Kaleem Chuc, who escaped custody two days ago. […]

“COVID-19 will be around forever,” says UK scientist
A former Chief Scientific Advisor to the United Kingdom (UK) says that SARS-CoV2, the virus […]

Ministry of Natural Resources closes headquarters in Belmopan for sanitization
The Ministry of Natural Resources informs that it is necessary for its headquarters in Belmopan […]


Fish Right, Eat Right: Sustainable Seafood in Belize
Ever been curious about the seafood on your plate? “How and where was my seafood caught”? Not to worry: you are not alone. Over generations, Belizean fishers have navigated our blues with the proper management of national fisheries in mind. Through these sustainability efforts, fishers and NGOs have partnered on various initiatives to not only ensure proper fisheries management, but to also find innovative ways that highlights the importance that responsible consumption can have in compliance with fisheries regulations and integrated best practices.

Belize grabs 5 of the ’13 of the Best Resorts in Central America
With everything from lush cloud forests to clear, azure seas, wildlife-filled jungles and Mayan ruins, a trip to Central America can be just as laid back or just as adventurous as you’d like it to be. After all, these resorts in Belize are some of the most ideal from which to take it all in. Below, read more on five resorts making 13 of the Best Resorts in Central America list by Trips to Discover.

International Sourcesizz

Mexico Is Saving Its Coral Reef From Hurricanes With A One-Of-A-Kind Plan
In Quintana Roo, the reef is a crucial part of the local ecosystem and the local economy — and both are in peril. Last year the state accounted for some $15 billion of the $25 billion that tourists spent in Mexico. Now it is facing massive pandemic-driven losses. As the region slowly emerges from the coronavirus lockdown, an innovative experiment is underway to safeguard the reef and the tourism industry it helps support: A 100-mile stretch of the Mesoamerican Reef is the world’s first natural asset protected by an insurance policy. The policy is intended to provide an immediate infusion of cash in the event of a damaging storm, allowing the hotel owners and local government who pay its premiums to quickly repair the reef and forestall further degradation. It’s a novel effort to use the economic value of nature to pay for its conservation.

When Royal Caribbean Ships May Start Sailing Again
Royal Caribbean International could cruising again with some ships in North America later this year, while other ships could start up sooner in Asia and Australia pending local regulations. Other vessels may not start service until 2021. A look at the expected first sailing of each Royal Caribbean International ship as the cruise industry gets back into service (all information is subject to change due to the COVID-19 crisis):


  • Monday's "Ask the Experts", min. Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services, was joined by Dr. Natalia Beer, Technical Advisor for the Maternal and Child Health Unit of the Ministry of Health.

  • How to protect yourself where there is community spread of Covid-19, 46min. Dr. Fernando Cuellar was our guest to talk candidly about the current situation and how to protect yourself where there is community spread.

  • Fabrigas Belize Limited - medical and industrial oxygen available for customers, 24min. Fabrigas Belize Limited has prepared for escalating cases of COVID-19 by investing in tripling their storage capacity to have medical and industrial oxygen available for customers. They have also invested in cutting edge technology for remote monitoring of oxygen levels in all major hospitals in Belize. Our guests talked to us about these preparations and introduced the new face masks that are now available for purchase. Justin Sabido - Sales Manager, Fabrigas Belize Limited. Glenford Baptist - Special Projects Coordinator, Fabrigas Belize. .Limited

  • PPF Capital Belize Limited - Ways to increase your financial stability, 31min. OYE continues to share relevant information for our viewers to help them through this particular moment in time. In this segment we are helping you identify other ways to increase your financial stability. Chris McGann, Managing Director of PPF Capital Belize Limited, spoke to us about investments in the public utilities debentures. He explained how they work and the risks involved. He shared that some require as little as $1000.00 to get started.

  • United Memorial Medical Center - symptoms he's recorded in COVID-19 patients, 35min. We had a conversation with Dr. Joseph Varon who leads the COVID-19 response team at the United Memorial Medical Center. He shared his experience with treating COVID-19 patients as well as what he's learnt about how the virus affects patients. Dr. Varon will be speaking to our medical professionals on Wednesday.

  • Tux Belizean Fry Chicken can now be made in the comfort of your homes, 22min. Tux Belizean Fry Chicken can now be made in the comfort of your homes! The family-owned business is packaging their signature batter and making it available for purchase. We talked with the ladies behind the new product and got a quick lesson in how to mix the batter to the perfect consistency for that perfect fry! Phyllis Reyes - Tux Belizean Fry Chicken, Asusena Reyes - Tux Belizean Fry Chicken.

  • The National Women's Commission -New Victim's Complaint Mechanism, 25min. The National Women's Commission is introducing a new Victim's Complaint Mechanism to empower gender-based violence victims to be able to report when they have experienced dis-satisfactory support services from government and social sector entities. Eleanor Murillo, Program Officer with the National Women's Commission, explained how the mechanism will work to improve services/response to this vulnerable population

  • National Meteorological Service of Belize - monitoring and preparing for any storms, 38min. We're still in the hurricane season and must remain vigilant about monitoring and preparing for any storms. The mid-season hurricane prediction is for an above average season due to La Niña. We thought you'd benefit from a bit more explanation about this weather phenomenon. So we invited Ronald Gordon, Deputy Chief Meteorologist with the National Meteorological Service of Belize, to explain what this means for our weather and potential hurricane threats.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - NELSON EDWARD ZAYDEN SR., 1.5min.


  • Large towhead overturned on the Phillip Goldson Highway in Ladyville, 1min. The road was blocked while workmen dump sand on fuel which has emptied out onto the highway. There is no indication of anyone being hurt.

  • Seven wonders of the world for 2020 | Condé Nast Traveller, 1min. Conde Nast Traveller has released a video for their Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Caracol is on the list. "Of the original Seven Wonders of the World, only the Great Pyramids of Giza remain. Here, instead, are seven wonders for our time that can be seen firsthand. Find out more about these modern seven wonders of the world now:"

  • UnBelizable Buffet, 4.5min. Fly Fisning in Belize

  • Belize In Crisis | Times of Trouble, 14min. After spending 115 days on a tropical island, it was finally time to return home. As the Coronavirus was wreaking havoc throughout the world, I found myself in a country in peril. The Belize economy was crumbling, tourism had vanished in San Pedro, and my own personal health was declining due to a mystery illness. Before my plane departs, I wanted to take a moment to visit some of the most memorable friends I had made on the island, and ask them to tell us just 1 thing about Belize they want the world to know. I had such a lovely time, and met so many wonderful and kind people in Belize, so I hope these past videos have shown you how kind and amazing the people of Belize are.

  • Aerial Video of Haulover Creek, Belize City, Belize!, 2min. A little aerial view of our beloved little Jewel of Belize City, Belize District!

  • Monday With The Maya, 2.5min. Today marked the end of the “Pantheon of Gods Campaign” and we consolidated all the posts into a little video for your enjoyment!

  • Yuum balam(Nukuch Tat) -The great keeper of the milpas, 15min. José (Martín Noh) is a young man skeptical of his culture, after living outside his community, he loses respect for his Maya traditions and ignores everything his family has transmitted to him, however, one night while walking in the mountains he listens a whistle that you will never forget and you will soon experience an encounter with a being, who leads you to lose yourself and become one with nature.

  • Baron Bliss Lighthouse, 1min. Baron Bliss Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Belize City. Established in 1885, it has a focal plane of 16 m (52 ft) and is painted white and red. It is named after one of Belize's greatest benefactors, Baron Bliss, who is known to have never actually set foot on Belizean shores but was impressed with the people's warm hospitality. He was a sailor and fisherman who traveled the world aboard his yacht the "Sea King". On March 9, 1926, Baron Bliss died.