You saw them protesting on successive days last week, demanding an end to the lockdown. And, as of 12:01 am this morning, Guinea Grass villagers are free, as well as their neighbours in Shipyard and Santa Marta.

That's thanks to Statutory Instrument 122 of 2020, crafted because because the Ministry of Health is sufficiently convinced that the community spread of COVID 19 which was identified in those Orange Walk villages at the start of August has now subsided.

So now, those three villages are no longer under special lockdown, and they are fall under the State of Emergency regulations which prevail across the country. That means villagers can now freely travel in and out of their villages, while observing the curfew, face mask and social distancing regulations - along with all other SOE provisions.

But there is one community that remains under complete lockdown and that's San Pedro. No one can travel in or out of that community, except with special permission - and it will likely remain that way for at least a little while more since new cases of COVID 19 continue to appear in the island town.

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