While we had the AG, we asked the Attorney General if the two-week curfew period is sufficient for the mounting COVID-19 infections to be brought under control given the ever increasing report of new cases.  While the National Oversight Committee awaits reports from the Director of Health Services, the Barrow administration is prepared to return to parliament for a countrywide lockdown should the need arise.

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General

“We are constantly, especially at the NOC level, looking at ways in which we can tweak the regulations to the point where hopefully we don’t need any regulations and we have COVID-19 under control.  But as long as we are not comfortable with it, if one person has it in the country we are not satisfied.  So as long as we have people who are infected with the disease we will constantly be looking at the situation, constantly be analyzing it and determining what measures we need to put in place.  We do it on an almost hourly basis.”

Isani Cayetano

“It begs the question then whether the two-week period that has been brought into force is sufficient when you look at the existing numbers that continue to climb on a daily basis.  Is two weeks sufficient for everyone to begin to flatten the curve or to flatten the curve altogether?”

Michael Peyrefitte

“Hopefully that’s the case but we await the reports from the Director of Health Services and the Ministry of Health in general.”

Channel 5