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Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location

COVID -19 Update from Office of Director of Health Services
This is our data for today. A total of 343 samples were processed today. A total of 94 of these samples are reactive for SARS-CoV2. The preliminary breakdown is as follows: Corozal District - 7 Cayo District - 7 Stann Creek District - 9 Belize District - 26 (17 in San Pedro) Orange Walk District - 45...

COVID-19 Update
We have indicated that some CARICOM countries are having similar trends such as ours and mainland countries such as Guyana and Suriname have parallel border dynamics that influence their numbers. Growth curves similar to ours can be seen in The Bahamas, Jamaica, Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago. This data as presented is compiled and presented through a UWI platform.

Ground-breaking for Maximum Water Park project in Corozal
This morning Corozal Town Mayor Rigo Vellos, Deputy Mayor Hilberto Clarke and Councillors were joined by Mr. Marwin Humes, representative of Maximum Water Park project, Corozal’s first world-class, eco-friendly inflatable Water Park, for a symbolic ground-breaking along the Rainbow Beach area. The Maximum Water Park project will remain under the watchful eyes of the Corozal Town Council and the Department of Environment to ensure that the project produces sustainable economic development while maintaining respect for the environment.

Change for San Pedro Formed, Concern over Gov't Covid-19 Response

San Pedro Lions Club Reaches out to Senior Citizens with Food Pantry Assistance
San Pedro Lions Club - Without community service we would not have a strong quality of life. Thanks to The Belize City Lions Club and Caribbean Depot, we were once again able to help our senior citizens who are in need of support at this time.

Sisimite native to the world of the Maya, the name Sisimite is a corruption in Maya from a Nahuatl – Aztec – word tzitzimitl which loosely means "Demon" or “supernatural creature.” While known to the Maya for centuries, especially between the Yucatec Maya ,Itza Maya and Lacandon Maya ,the first outside report of the Sisismite came from a group of Spanish gold prospectors in the 18th Century. So, what does this creature look like ? The Sisimite has been described as a hairy ape-like creature, much larger than a human, with the face of a human. Some say it can be up to 9 Feet tall . It has only 4 fingers and no thumbs, and in some cases it has been described as having backwards-facing feet. Sisimites walk upright, like humans. They let out high-pitched screams but have no language. They are generally regarded as being hostile to humans and have been accused of kidnapping people.Their apelike fur has been described as ranging from a chestnut color to pitch black.

Boa constrictors and Belize
by ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary. This week we had the misfortune of seeing and hearing about some maltreatment and killing of a harmless kind of snake, the boa constrictor. We want to use this opportunity to help inform those who may not know how to identify boas and educate those who generally fear snakes due to a lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of the animal. Boa constrictors are a commonly seen snake in Belize, and while their large size can incite fear, they pose no threat to people...

Channel 5

2020 Queen of the Bay
The Queen of the Bay designate 2020 is Miss Belmopan, Myra Sibrian

Belmopan City Council Employees all test Negative

Chon Saan Palace Closes Down After Second Employee Test Positive For COVID-19
The Management of Chon Saan Palace informs the public that it has decided to temporarily close the restaurant once again. The health and safety of our customers remain our highest priority and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our closure. The decision was taken following the confirmation of a second member of staff testing positive for COVID-19. Though the employee has not been to work for a week, we have decided to close until all employees test negative for COVID-19.

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Barack Obama and others pay tribute to deceased ‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman
Former President of the United States Barack Obama has led tributes to the late Chadwick […]

Prime Minister optimistic that Belize’s economy will rebound despite deep contraction in second quarter
“There is no way we can say all is well,” Prime Minister Dean Barrow said […]

Belize’s International Airport (PGIA) set to re-open October 1, 2020
At Friday’s press conference, the Barrow government announced plans to re-open the Philip Goldson International […]

Foreign currency tight but Central Bank reserves firm says PM Barrow
Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, affirmed the nation during Friday afternoon’s press conference that […]

Miss Belmopan Myra Sibrian is to be crowned Queen of the Bay 2020/2021
Miss Belmopan, Myra Sibrian has been selected as the Queen of the Bay designate for […]

COVID-19 cases in Belize soar to over 960
Health officials in Belize are currently monitoring 836 active cases of COVID-19. Belize has experienced […]

Ministry of Health confirms 13th death associated to COVID-19 in Belize
The Ministry of Health confirmed minutes ago that another person lost their life to COVID-19 […]

94 new cases of COVID-19 identified
The Ministry of Health today confirmed that of the 343 samples processed today, 94 new […]

Employee of Chon Saan tests positive for COVID-19
The Management of Chon Saan Palace issued a statement today informing that the restaurant will […]

Elderly man killed by africanized bees
An elderly man was killed by africanized bees late Thursday evening. 74 year old Roy […]

Names of outstanding public officers to be inscribed along walkway in Belmopan as a public memorial
Тhе Міnіѕtrу оf thе Рublіс Ѕеrvісе аnd Веlmораn Сіtу Соunсіl hаvе аgrееd thіѕ wееk оn еѕtаblіѕhіng а Рublіс Ѕеrvісе Wаlk оf Rесоgnіtіоn аnd Іnѕріrаtіоn […]

Mexico records 3rd highest number of deaths in world due to COVID-19
While neighboring Mexico has recorded the 3rd highest death toll due to COVID-19 with 63,146 losing their lives to the virus […]

Names of outstanding public officers to be inscribed along walkway in Belmopan as a public memorial
Тhе Міnіѕtrу оf thе Рublіс Ѕеrvісе аnd Веlmораn Сіtу Соunсіl hаvе аgrееd thіѕ wееk оn еѕtаblіѕhіng а Рublіс Ѕеrvісе Wаlk оf Rесоgnіtіоn аnd Іnѕріrаtіоn […]


Belize’s Grand Wonder: The Great Blue Hole
Though its aerial perspective is breath-taking, its true wonders lie underwater: giant stalactites, dripstone sheets and limestone columns (all proof the cavern formed above sea level) are now inhabited by curious Caribbean Reef Sharks and Black Groupers. Descending by tank through its thermocline is an expedition into darkness; its limestone wall is a calming reference as you slowly sink to the recreational diving limit of 130ft. Here, an eerie hue of dusky cobalt illuminates’ greyscale columns carved by erosion during the last ice age. In just a few minutes of immersion, it becomes difficult not to be in awe of nature’s handiwork.

A Visitor Checklist for Entry into Belize
Announced August 28, Belize confirms to reopen for international travel on October 1, 2020. In preparation for your trip to Belize, here are the overarching requirements and guidelines to follow. During this third phase of Belize’s Travel Reopening Plan, tourists are limited to safe corridors, with accommodations limited to Gold Standard recognized hotels. Before arrival, you should take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of your travel to Belize. A negative result from your PCR will allow for a ‘fast track’ arrival process. However, all passengers without proof of a negative PCR Test will be rapid tested once in Belize. The rapid test is at a cost to the tourist, priced at US$50.

The Most Popular Maya Ruins in Belize You Must Visit
*These are our recommended top 5 most popular Maya Ruins in Belize. This does not include caves or other archaeological sites. Belize is literally filled with Maya Archaeology Sites! Whether it has been excavated or not, you can climb up a Maya Site in any district of Belize. Most of these sites are just a few miles away from any major town or city. They can also be located in a village. Although you can visit these sites on your own, it is recommended that you take along a guide or ask for a guide to get the most out of your tour. The guides, who you can hire from a tour company or at the site, are well trained with all the facts and stories about the Maya Ruin that will make your trip worthwhile. Tour guides in Belize must pass a rigorous examination each year to keep up to date with the knowledge for the tours they lead.

While Mexico receives most of the attention when it comes to ruins, the Mayan kingdom reached down into parts of Central America, including modern-day Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. By this point, I’d spent six weeks travelling through the Yucatan and I have to confess I was starting to feel ruined out, but after hearing that the ruins of Xunantunich were easily accessible from San Ignacio and were likely to be void of tourists, I knew I’d regret skipping out on them. And now, a pronunciation lesson: Xunantunich is pronounced shoo-nan-too-nitch.

To Boldly Go Where No One Wants To
The current pristine state of Belize’s Sarstoon-Temash National Park’s unique wetlands and mangrove complex owes much to its remoteness, difficult access, and hostile habitat; the discovery of oil there is changing that. A team of scientists collects ecological data which might help guide the Park’s management. The skiff drifts quietly toward the riverside, the outboard still. A young man standing in the bow gently parts the branches overhanging the water till the boat touches the bank. He ties the bow line securely to a tree, then pulls the boat parallel to the shore.

International Sourcesizz

Cancun Eyes 60 Percent Occupancy by End of 2020
Cancun and other tourist-friendly destinations in Quintana Roo, Mexico are poised to bounce back in the final third of 2020, according to the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo (CPTQ). According to The Riviera Maya Times, occupancy is expected to double and reach 60 percent by the end of the year, helping restore tourism jobs in the region.


  • Puppy in Belize adorably chases his tail in his new home, 1min. Buddy is an adorable little puppy who has just found his forever home with a family in Belize. He's a mix of wiener dog, chihuahua and several other small breeds. He belongs to Nito, a scuba dive master who lives on the island of Amergrise Caye in a town called San Pedro.

  • 2020 Queen of the Bay, 2.5hr. 75th Annual Queen of the Bay Pageant

  • Female loggerhead turtle heading back out to sea, .5min. Exciting sighting on Half Moon Caye this weekend - BAS ranger Rodel saw this female loggerhead turtle heading back out to sea after nesting on the beach. She made it all the way up the beach to the water tower to find a safe spot for her nest, which is the 21st turtle nest to be made on HMC this season. Hopefully that means we will have lots of baby turtles hatching later this year!

  • Caye Caulker, Belize 2020, 4min.

  • I went to Belize, 8min. This video is about a fantastic journey in the Caribbean. Belize notre amour.

  • Ceviche in Belize, 6min. Today we're going to Belize and we're enjoying some Ceviche. I particularly like how easy it is to make and how refreshing it is on a hot day.

  • Belize COVID-19 Tourism Business Digital Toolkit Part 1 - Consumer Sentiment, 3min. Welcome to the COVID-19 Digital Toolkit six-part video series. The purpose of the digital toolkit is to provide tourism businesses with the latest information on digital strategies to best position and promote your business as the industry recovers from the impact of the global pandemic. Video One: Consumer Sentiment. How to address travelers sentiments in the new COVID-19 normal, how it has affected the tourism industry, as well as the potential tourists markets of Belize.

  • Belize COVID-19 Tourism Business Digital Toolkit Part 2 - Content and Messaging, 7min. Video Two: Content and Messaging. This is one of the most important components to focus on as you think about shifting your marketing that sets the right mood and tone of your public messages and promotional content. As a competitive industry, engaging and informative content and messaging is essential for your business to stand out and attract future travelers.

  • Belize COVID-19 Tourism Business Digital Toolkit Part 3 - Website Best Practices, 2.5min. Video Three: Website Best Practices. It is important that tourism businesses provide potential travelers with correct and up-to-date information about how they, and their destination, are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, and how they are preparing to deliver safe experiences.

  • Belize COVID-19 Tourism Business Digital Toolkit Part 4 - Social Media Best Practices, 4min. Video Four: Social Media Best Practices. In this section, we will focus on Best Practices in Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and what you can do to maximize the most out of your presence on these Social Media Platforms.

  • Belize COVID-19 Digital Toolkit Part 5 Online Business Listings (Expedia, Booking.com), 6min. Part 5: Online Business Listings (Expedia, Booking.com). If you are using third-party channels such as Google or TripAdvisor for promotion and booking, it is important to provide up-to-date information on operational & service changes, including temporary closures and reopenings, operating hours, availability of services and amenities, and additional health and safety precautions visitors would need to consider.

  • Belize COVID-19 Digital Toolkit Part 6 - Online Business Listings (TripAdvisor, Google My Business), 10.5min. Part 6: Online Business Listings (TripAdvisor, Google My Business). If you are using third-party channels such as Google or TripAdvisor for promotion and booking, it is important to provide up-to-date information on operational & service changes, including temporary closures and reopenings, operating hours, availability of services and amenities, and additional health and safety precautions visitors would need to consider.