San Pedro High School is currently being prepared to open as the primary island shelter for people who are NOT currently in quarantine or COVID-19 positive.

New Horizons School Church (located in DFC) is currently being prepared as the Hurricane/COVID-19 shelter for anyone who needs shelter who is either in quarantine, awaiting test results or COVID-19 positive.

We urge you to review your shelter plans immediately.

If you can shelter safely with another family/friend in a safe building on the island, we encourage that you consider doing so as your first option.

If you evacuate voluntarily to the mainland or must utilize the high school shelter on the island, be aware that there is an increased risk of COVID-19 spread by asymptomatic people who do not appear to be sick (despite the reasonable efforts mandated by MOH to reduce spread of COVID-19).

Ensure you follow all of the COVID-19 safety protocols.

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