As you saw in that story, the lines were piling up at the bus station - with absolutely no social distance. The job of making sure that doesn't happen falls to the police - who have the tough, tough time of policing a natural disaster within a pandemic.

About those lines, he said police have to monitor it more carefully, but the public also has to police itself:

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"Well Jules we have been monitoring the bus terminal as well as the water taxi terminal, I have spoken to Mr. Rosado in respect to these areas because I have not seen the video but I have seen a photograph of the bus terminal where it shows a number of persons clustered together. You would know that we do have surveillance cameras at the bus terminal in Belize City and so I have said to Mr. Rosado to ensure that from the command center where we see that there are persons who are clustering together that we ensure that we separate them. Yes, we understand in this time that people are trying to relocate from point A to point B but that still does not mean that we must forget the protocols that health has put in place to ensure our safety from the pandemic. I saw a post on Facebook this morning I believe and the post said that the virus does not have a brain but we have a brain so we must be the ones to think and we must think prudently that if it is that we don't do what is expected of us in terms of the protocol then we put ourselves at risk."

"I want to at the end of the day appeal again to people to please follow the rules there will be sufficient buses to take everyone where they want to go. There will be sufficient time to get where we want to go jumping on top of each other will not put us anywhere so let us do the right thing and try to stay safe not only from the storm but also from the virus."

We'll have more from the commissioner later as he speaks about what the cops are doing to make sure no one breaks into your home, while you go to seek shelter from the storm.

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