This is a continued request for assistance following an extension of the shutdown of businesses and other employment entities in Placencia over the past few months.

Once again, the people of the small fishing village of Placencia, Belize humbly ask for your help to re-stock the Placencia Food Bank! As most of you know, we are a village in a country with a tourism dependent economy and most of our tour guides, shop owners, service industry workers and other citizens are entirely without income for the foreseeable future until the Coronavirus crisis allows us to open back up our borders. As we mentioned previously, thousands of tourists flock to our village each year to enjoy the beautiful beaches, delicious food, warm weather and lively music that Belizean culture offers. It is now, with our streets STILL empty and our restaurants STILL closed, that we ask you who are able, to help us ensure that Placencia can offer that same paradise atmosphere when our tourism industry booms once again. So many are still without the means to pay rent, are being evicted, unable to pay utilities, etc. At least, through the Placencia Food Bank, we would like to ensure that every family and elder in the village has food, toiletries and cleaning products to last them until the crisis is over. The funds will be directed through the attached American bank account and transferred to the food bank's Belize bank account under Therese Belisle (known as Therese Westby Young). We have already distributed many thousand pounds of food to families in Placencia and would love to continue doing so. Every little bit helps. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!