But Briceno doesn't have much time for nostalgia - he has to move quickly to install a candidate in Fort George - which - along with Lake I - is the PUP's safest seat in the City.

Musa wrote to his constituents in a letter dated yesterday saying that he was stepping down - and today, Party Leader John Briceno confirmed what we reported last night, that Musa's son and Party Chairman Henry Usher will be endorsed as new standard bearer:

Hon. John Briceno - Leader of the Opposition

"What I can tell you is what is the process. Tonight, the Fort George executive is going to be officially informed. The letter that the former Prime Minister gave to me is the same letter that he is going to give to his executive or sent to his executive. The Executive, I'm told, is expected to - they're expecting this decision. And so, they have already been talking with the present chairman of Fort George, and also the Chairman of the Party. The Chairman of the party is Henry Charles Usher, who has been working in that division for probably more than 12-13 years now, full-time, along with Mr. Musa. And all indications are that the executive for Fort George is going to nominate Henry Charles Usher to be the next candidate for Fort George. After that meeting, they will then send a formal letter to the National Executive. We expect to have a meeting - I think it's next week Wednesday. We'll have that discussion, and then, we'll discuss the recommendation from Fort George, of accepting their nomination to have Henry Charles Usher as the next standard-bearer for the Fort George Division. It will not affect the Fort George Division because in, the Fort George Division, as I said earlier, Henry Charles has been working in that division for probably at least 14+ plus years. And members of his family have also been involved in the Fort George Division. They know Fort George inside out, so I do not see a problem. I have every confidence that the people of Fort George will support Henry Charles Usher, whenever he's officially accepted as the standard-bearer."


"How do you respond to those who say that this is simply another example of how politics seems to work in Belize, where it's like a succession? You have the Honourable Said Musa, and it's his son, who's actually taking over, being endorsed."

Hon. John Briceno

"No one has come to me, called me, texted me, sent me a letter, sent me an email to say that they are interested in running in the Fort George Division. Secondly, an election is upon us, and if we were to have a convention, conventions always kinda create a little bit of bad blood. And it takes a little bit of time to be able to cure or to heal all of these wounds. We will not have that time. Henry Charles Usher has been working in that division. He has been campaigning in that division. He has organized that division. So, it's not as if you are just a successor. But he has earned the right. Fourthly, it's the executive of the Fort George Division that is going to make a recommendation. If they were to come to us and tell us that there are 2 or 3 persons who want to run, and we believe that we should have a convention, it is a recommendation that the National Executive would have to take seriously."

For his part, Musa told us he will grant an interview after the endorsement of a new standard bearer has been made by PUP National Executive.

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