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And ongoing use of garbage for landfill

The Subdivision of San Mateo north of San Pedro Town is known for its limited infrastructure with a big problem with trash. This problem seems to grow in tandem with the community, not only as an eyesore but mounting health conditions that include vector habitat, water contamination, and toxic runoff. Residents do not want to live in such conditions and are denouncing the local authorities, claiming that their cries are ignored while they continue to live in inhumane conditions among the piling rubbish.

Alfredo Rubio has been voicing his frustration with the situation in San Mateo and continues asking the local authorities for some support. He shared images of residential areas that do not have proper roadways, while in other parts of this subdivision, people live among the unhealthy environment tainted with tons of garbage. Rubio stated that both Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Area Representative Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. have been approached regarding the matter. According to him, he was promised a solution by filling some of these areas with material to improve the conditions. Rubio said after sending a letter with the names of the persons affected by the situation, the response was that other parts of the island had higher priority.

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