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We want to touch on the leading cause of wildlife conflict for us - the illegal feeding wildlife! By not participating or encouraging the feeding of wildlife, you reduce the chance of conflict for yourself, the community, and our pets drastically, leaving all (including the wild animal) better off!

In a truly wild state, wild animals see people as a predator and generally fear us. We want to keep it that way, as fed wild animals who lose their fear of people are far more likely to show aggression to people and our beloved pets. Whether you’re accidentally feeding the local raccoons by not securing your garbage can, not realizing your fish scraps at the feeding station are attracting crocs to your home or swimming area, or if you’re purposely throwing them “treats” for fun, the result is the same. We have seen too many times the result: a dog gets taken, a hook gets ingested, plastic fills the stomach, disease spreads to and from pets, etc. All results of feeding wildlife turn negative for us and for the animal.

If you love wildlife, respect your peers, and want a safe island for your community for future generations, start now by taking a stand against the feeding of wild animals. Enjoy your wildlife sightings for what they are - WILD and unaltered by people.

You can report the feeding of wild animals to us or the Belize Forest Department. For more information on coexisting with wildlife, feel free to shoot us a message or a call!

ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary