The Department of Transport (D.O.T) Enforcement Officers will be engaged in a countrywide traffic enforcement operation to address the issue of motor vehicles and trailers being operated without license plates or with unauthorized license plates. This initiative is the first phase of a series of targeted enforcement to address the many infractions of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act. The operation will include routine vehicle check points on all public highways, and spot checks during monitoring exercises or patrols. Throughout this endeavour, the D.O.T will continue its efforts to educate and sensitize the public on the importance of Road Safety and the Traffic Laws of Belize. It is our hope that through these strategic initiatives, we can pare the malpractices and poor driver-behaviour that continues to plague Belize's roadways.

All drivers and registered owners of motor vehicles are hereby advised to ensure that both license plates (one (1) license plate in the case of trailers and motorcycles) are affixed as prescribed by law before operating on any public road. Persons with motor vehicles registered at the Department of Transport are asked to visit the nearest D.O.T office to retrieve their pair of license plates (Both of which shall be affixed to the motor vehicle).

Please see relevant regulations below.

Regulation 7 of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Regulations state:

The owner of the motor vehicle shall forthwith affix or cause to be affixed and keep affixed on the front of the motor vehicle one of such registration plates in such manner that the number thereon shall be upright and clearly discernible from a distance of twenty yards in front of the vehicle and the other such plate at the rear of the vehicle in such a manner that the number thereon shall be upright and illuminated and clearly discernible at any distance up to twenty yards.

Regulation 10 of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Regulations state:

No plate or number other than the authorised identification plates shall be carried or displayed on any registered vehicle.