The Prime Minister was quite agreeable when he dropped a big hint about a possible date for the upcoming general election:

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

"I made it clear that I want to stick to the regular timeline and that I certainly felt that the elections would have to be held or ought to be held early in November. We're not, except there's another hurricane and this time one that is far more serious. We're not going to go beyond the month of November for sure. We're not even going to go beyond, in my view, the first two weeks in November. You can therefore narrow it down pretty much to what week we're looking at, if not what day exactly. I think that's honest enough, I think that's good enough, I think that's forthcoming enough rather than to actually say the fourth of November or the third of November because we are still trying to get through, for example, some more legislation as you see. We'll come back to the House next Friday and then that will have to go to the Senate. I think when the Senate meets it's probably going to be the thirtieth of September. After that any number can play and that number will play very quickly."

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