I Raise My Flag is a song that encapsulates the spirit of San Pedro Town's resilience, pride and culture. As Belize celebrates its 39th year of Independence we hold on to the truth that we shall overcome adversity together.

Brought to you by San Pedro's very best Natalie Arceo, Absolute Rip'd Records and Redline Production.


"I really wanted to encapsulate San Pedro Strong and our love of community and culture. As I was writing, the different generations of San Pedranos came to mind, Angle Nunez who has seen Belize grow from independence to now, us with the San Pedro strong humanitarian movement, the kids who will learn from us, to play carnaval and dance comparsas, making sure that they remember where they come from and how far we have come. We are a resilient island. I'm so proud of us. Belizeans we shall rise above, together we shall over come!!!" - Natalie Arceo