The past months have significantly reduced human activity on the island, thanks to State of Emergency lockdowns triggered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As such, unusual sightings of wildlife on Ambergris Caye have been reported. A variety of animals have been sighted in public areas, while crocodiles continue to make their appearance in residential areas. This is not necessarily because of fewer people around, but due to homes surrounded by water and suspected illegal feeding.

Some of these unusual appearances have included a slight increase in the presence of raccoons, some boa constrictors, and in one occasion, a family of peccary by a wooded area near a populated neighbourhood. With no one around to bother them, the family of wild pigs reportedly carried on with what they were doing. Summers mentioned that if there were more wildlife on the southern part of the island as in the north, there would be a greater and varied amount of sightings. These events are reportedly happening around the world as a direct result of the lockdowns.

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