I'm Sarah, a rat racer in California who is a little burned out and finally ready to consider life outside of the US. For all the obvious reasons, Belize sounds awesome ... but I've been reading a lot of real estate blogs of people trying to sell land in Belize.

Is there somewhere I can get a more balanced view on what a permanent life in Belize would look like? Intent would be to buy a house (cash) and hopefully continue a US-based job. If not, hopefully we can find something local but we have flexibility to not have an income for quite a while.

My top questions are:
1) Costs for travel back to the US (all flights to Belize are cancelled so I can't scope it out)
2) Health insurance advice
3) What are middle schools and high schools like
4) Weather (hurricanes)
5) Any areas I should AVOID buying in Ambergris Caye
6) Thoughts on buying a house vs. buying land & building

So many questions! My husband and I are thinking about traveling down in April to scope things out. If you're a real estate agent, please don't try and sell me anything yet. I'm still fact finding smile

Thank you!