Likely, by next week Friday many of those tourists could be heading down the Southern Highway to the tourist hotspot of Placencia.
But, it won't be the Southern Highway then. That;That's because, at the start of today's House Meeting, Prime Minister Dean Barrow made an announcement that in the spirit of patriotism, the Southern Highway will be renamed the Thomas Vincent Ramos Highway.

As you may know, TV Ramos was a Belizean cultural and civil rights activist who promoted the interests of the Garifuna People, back when the country was still a British colony. He challenged the Colonial government on what was the systematic neglect of health facilities for the Garinagu in Dangriga. He also gave many years of service to see the Garifuna's social standing in the colony improve.

Here are the Prime Minister's comments on why the Southern Highway will now carry TV Ramos' name:

Thomas Vicent Ramos is recognised as one of the lead proponents of the Garifuna Settlement Day holiday.

As we told you yesterday, the new Link Road has been named the Johnny Smith Road, after the first leader of the PUP, while the Chetumal Street Bridge, will be named the Clifford E Betson bridge after the general secretary of the general workers union - one of the seminal groups that also fed into the formation of the PUP.

And, the new foreign affairs building in Belmopan will be named after Leigh Richardson, the second leader of the PUP, and the first leader of the Honduras Independence Party - which opposed the PUP.

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