An investigation into the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of four Belize Defense Force airmen, conducted by Bell, the manufacturer of the military aircraft, has concluded.  On February twenty-seventh, majors Adran Ramirez and Radford Baizar, along with corporals Yassir Mendez and Reynaldo Choc perished when the helicopter they were traveling in crashed into a lagoon near Gales Point Village.  In the wake of the deadly accident, several investigations were undertaken, including a probe that was conducted by Belize’s military counterparts in Honduras.  The report from that investigation determined that the pilots were spatially disoriented and that it may have been the reason for the crash.  Today, however, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Felix Enriquez, told News Five that the results of the investigation carried out by Bell will be made public in the days ahead via press conference.

On the Phone: Felix Enriquez, C.E.O., Ministry of National Security

“The matter has been essentially concluded.  We’ve gotten the report from the Bell organization who are the manufacturers of the aircraft and that report has already been given to the ministry, to Admiral Borland, by the United States Military Liaison Officer and now all we’re awaiting is a forensic report that the Mexicans are supposed to do for us, but that again is another technical report that we don’t expect to reveal anything that we don’t already know from the report that we had had already.  So essentially, outside of the forensic report which was requested by the family, the investigation itself has been concluded.”

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