And just as we're seeing this spike of crime in the city, the Southside state of emergency expired today. The last 63 - of the 130 - SOE detainees were released today.

They have been locked up since August - without going before a judge - so what will be the effect on the streets when these alleged gang members are released?

We asked the Head Of National Crimes Investigation today in Belmopan:

Jules Vasquez, reporter
"Are you all prepare to absorb and to contain the backlash, because these persons may want to seek retaliation against the state."

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch
"In relation to the issue of Belize City, we have stepped up our presence and we are definitely going to increase our operations. I won't say that the incidents over the weekend in Belize City may not have been related to some of those persons but we are going to be specifically targeting those persons who we know were involved in the weekend incidents in Belize City. In relations to those persons you spoke about, yes measures are being put in place to deal with any spin off that may arise for when they are released from prison."

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