And, of the 712 persons who arrived at the PGIA between Thursday and Sunday, only one tested positive for COVID 19.

The Director Of Health Services reports that yesterday, the team at the airport cleared 192 passengers who arrived on 2 flights. 88 of these passengers arrived with a negative PCR test, and the airport screening process managed to pick up a single positive case in the remaining passengers who were tested.

On Friday we asked the BTB rep what happens to persons who test positive after arrival:

Jules Vasquez:
"What do we do when we do get a positive case?"

Misty Michael, BTB Director of Marketing & Industry Relations
"Nobody has been turned back yet and there is an isolation unit here that the Ministry of Health has set up to hold passengers should they test positive."

After that, the positive person is placed into hotel quarantine in Belize - overseen by the Ministry of Health.

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