Turning now to political news - where the police are involved, UDP candidate Shyne Barrow is accused of kicking his wife in the back.

27 year old Catherine Barrow - the mother of the couple's young child made a report on Saturday afternoon in Belize city that her husband, 41 year old Moses Barrow kicked her in the back. She says she was leaving with her baby to go to her mother's home in Cayo, when, she alleges, he told her she was not going anywhere and kicked her in the back. She says the kick launched her into the wall where she hurt her toe. A medico legal form classified her injures as harm.

But, Mrs Barrow did not request court action it was a report made for future reference. But she did request a protection order and was directed to the family court for that.

We asked police about the case today:

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch
"Yes a report was received on Saturday night however it was a future reference report that required no court action but however the report was still entered in our system. She also was seeking some sort of relief from the family court in that regard in relation to the said incident and she later came back yesterday and withdrew that report she had given. As you know the report would have already been entered into the system so it was still in the system when it was leaked."

Jules Vasquez:
"Since so many times these domestic reports where court action is not requested so many times these are precursor to further violent acts that last year the commissioner had said that the police would still be proceeding to bring charges and if it falls let it do so at the court."

ACP Joseph Myvett
"Yes, that is indeed the case but in such a case it won't be from the onset that the person is saying that I am making this report not for the purposes of court action. Those reports that are carried forward is that where the complainants would give a report and request court action and come back later and want to withdraw those complaints."

Jules Vasquez:
"She got a medico legal form and the form alleged harm or found that there was harm, is there any action that the police can independently take since a medico legal form confirmed that there was harm?"

ACP Joseph Myvett
"No because we would definitely need the complainant in order to move forward with the matter. The form itself would not be sufficient for us to proceed without having a proper statement from the complainant."

For context, here are those January 2019 remarks from the Commissioner of police which we referred to in our questions. He cited the dangers of domestic violence and said this is how it would be handled:

Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police
"Often time victims of domestic violence come to the police and they give their statement and when they are finished, officer I don't want no court action I just want you talk to the man. But why don't you want no court action and just talk to the man, this the 4th, 5th or 6th time the man is beating you but you still only want the man to be spoken to."

"So my instruction to my officers now and we're currently working on a domestic violence protocol that will be distributed to every police station across the country, that once a complainant comes in with a domestic violence complaint, we are not going to ask you if you want court action. The mere fact you come to the police is because you want court action."

This morning Shyne Barrow put out a statement saying, quote, "I unequivocally condemn domestic violence or any violence against women.

My wife and I had an argument as happens in all marriages. Ours was nothing more than a verbal dispute.

A statement was given that does not reflect what actually happened.

My wife has withdrawn that statement and we have put this private matter behind us."

This post is attached to a statement signed by Catherine Barrow where she says her statement "was exaggerated."

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