Belizeans returning home from abroad after November 1st could face challenges casting their vote in the upcoming general elections set for the 11th of that month, because entry protocols to the country mandate a 10-day quarantine to further minimize the spread of COVID-19. No specific provisions to accommodate persons in self-isolation have been announced, and without such arrangement, anyone leaving their quarantine quarters will be committing an offense warranting high fines and imprisonment. According to the Quarantine Regulations in Section 20, every Belizean, permanent resident, holder of a valid work permit, Qualified Retired Person, foreign homeowner or long-stay non-national entering the country via the Philip Goldson International Airport is subjected to self-quarantine. The person must remain in his/her place of abode or another place, physically isolating them from all other persons for a period of ten days, beginning from the day of their arrival in the country.

The San Pedro Sun spoke to a representative of the Elections and Boundaries Department, Francisco Zuniga regarding this concern. He explained that Elections and Boundaries has no control in knowing who is in quarantine. According to him, on Election Day an electorate is not questioned whether he or she is under quarantine. As long as the personís name is on the voterís list, voting is allowed. At this point, they are still waiting to see if anything will be put in place for voters in quarantine. These measures are primarily expected to come from the Ministry of Health.

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