When picking up a traveler from an airport, the following steps are recommended for the driver:

Only the driver should be in the vehicle at the time of pick up. No family member should accompany the driver as it may be unsafe.

Both driver and passenger should wear mask for the entire journey. Ensure it covers both mouth and nose completely to prevent droplets from escaping.

At the airport, the driver should keep a safe distance of 6 feet from the passenger when outside the vehicle.

Passenger should sit in the rear seat opposite the driver to reduce close contact. This will allow a safe distance of 3 to 6 feet between the driver and passenger.

Always avoid using AC when possible and ensure windows remain open to provide the circulation of fresh air inside the vehicle.

At pick-up and drop-off, the driver should ask passengers to handle their own personal baggage.

Carry cleaning and disinfectant spray or disposable wipes to conduct any necessary quick cleaning.

Before reusing the vehicle, always ensure all surfaces touched by the passenger are cleaned and disinfected properly.

Always ensure trash bags are available in the vehicle to allow proper disposal of any waste from the vehicle.