And, turning now to health and tourism

As we told you earlier this week, 776 passengers arrived at the PGIA in the first four days of the airport re-opening.

According to Manzanero, in the first 5 days of the airport's reopening, 776 passengers have already flown into Belize. The director was expecting a few logistical problems, but yesterday, he told viewers of the webcast that it has been going more smoothly than he anticipated. Here are those comments:


"Persons arriving in the first 5 days. Majority are Belizeans."

Dr. Marvin Manzanero - Director of Health Services

"Routinely now, we have flights from Thursdays to Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays there is no flight coming in from the US. Private flights may still be coming in, but those are perhaps easier to handle, in terms of numbers. So, the first day that the airport was opened, which was last week Thursday, October 1st, there was one flight that came in. Friday to Sunday, there were 2 flights, 1 from Houston, and 1 from Miami. And on Monday, there was one flight. We understand that the flights from Miami will be coming - at least for the month of October - from Thursday to Monday, and from Houston, from Friday to Sunday. So, the total amount of passengers that came on the flights from Thursday to Monday were - on Thursday, there were 73 passengers, Friday 220, Saturday, 218, Sunday 192, and Monday 73 passengers. That's a total of 776 persons arriving in the first 5 days. The majority of these persons returning are actually Belizeans coming back home. And I think we need to stress that, because you know, there was the balance and situation of what was going to happen if tourists are there arriving. Out of the 776 persons, 372 were screened at the airport with the SD biosensor test, and some of those persons were also randomly tested via a PCR platform. The rest of the persons who were not swabbed - and that was determined also by the quarantine officer at the airport - is because they brought in a PCR test result that could have been validated. And that's why for some persons, it's an easier process to go through that airport situation. I can tell you that the flow process, I can personally think that it was going to be a much more delayed process than it was. It went much smoother than we anticipated, at least from my vantage point, that it was going to be. Out of all those persons tested, we did have one person who turned out positive. That person was picked up on Sunday, via the rapid test, that has been confirmed by the PCR platform. So, that person remains under quarantine at a hotel in Belize City."

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