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If you have walked up Middle Street, you have probably seen the large darker yellow building with the balconies that houses a gift shop, some political offices, and our post office. Just a few spots down from Elvi’s Kitchen. Three-stories built about 10 years ago (when the island only went up 3 stories) – a building I’ve visited many times…for the post office and for the LOVELY cake ladies that set up shop each day in front of the building…

I saw a lovely 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom condo at the back of the building. Roomy….quiet, clean, spare but modern…and cool on a very hot day. IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN. But it was the rooftop that really got me. This spot…for parties? Or just cooling off on a hot day? YES! It is now a dream of mine to watch the September celebrations parades from this very spot. In a towel and bathing suit. For more information and photos of this spot and INSIDE the condos, click here to Dawn’s site.

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