Press Release from the Office of the Commissioner of Police

Political Aspirants & Campaigners to wear face mask properly and practice social distancing

With the impending Nomination and General Election days set for October 21 and November 11, 2020 respectively. We are seeing an increase in political activities across the country. The political machinery is geared up as political aspirants and their campaigners can be seen moving across our communities. Unfortunately, some are not wearing their mask, while some wear theirs improperly.

The Belize Police Department, therefore call on all political parties and aspirants to keep in mind the requirements of the Quarantine Regulation to practice social distancing and wearing of mouth and nose covering when in public. We would also like to request the general public to ensure they wear their mask when interacting with campaigners, making sure they do the same when visiting their homes, and or interacting with them in public.

Campaigns must be done in small pockets, taking into account interacting with potential voters without exceeding the legal requirement of ten (10) persons at any given time.

The threat of COVID-19 remains real and all are ask to abide by the protocols put in place to minimize the spread of this deadly virus. The Belize Police Department anticipates the full cooperation of all concerned in this regard.