At the Philip Goldson International Airport, new flights are being added to the daily schedule; however, some visitors are presenting nucleic acid tests as opposed to the standard tests being required by the Ministry of Health. DHS Manzanero further explains.

Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services

“The flights came on as programmed through the weekend and, you know, Friday to Sunday you routinely have two flights from United and American. I believe Tropic Air started their flights to Cancun twice per week, that was yesterday that was their first flight and I understand that Tag Airlines had started inserting a couple of flights. We have not been able to identify any other positive case out of the ones that we are doing. We are going back to review what kinds of tests people are bringing because some people are bringing nucleic acid tests and some other kinds of test. Understand that there is a PCR test that we are requesting and it needs to satisfy the quarantine officer on the ground because we feel that if there is any anomaly in there then that person can be subjected to further screening.”

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