Visitors arriving in country via the P.G.I.A., with a negative COVID-19 test result and do not have plans of traveling to the cayes, will now be allowed to rent vehicles to travel to inland destinations. It comes with certain restrictions, however, which include a tracking device to be placed on the rentals to ensure that travelers do not divert from an agreed course.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“We currently say in the SI that’s going to be changed, that when the tourists come in they must be transported to their hotel or place of accommodation by any means of transportation provided directly by that hotel or tourist accommodation. Well we had agreed before Wednesday with the car rental association that a tourist coming in or perhaps certainly not going to the cayes, who may be wanting to drive to Placencia or certainly wanting to drive to the Cayo District would be allowed to rent a vehicle from the car rental agencies that are stationed at the airport. The itinerary would be agreed with the renters and a tracking device would be put on the car so that if people go outside of the itinerary that’s agreed with the car renters that could easily be discovered and the B.T.B. could be told of that breach, if you will, of the agreement.”

Channel 5