BELIZE SPECIALISTS HOSPITAL Gastroenterology & Endoscopy Center


We are hereby informing our patients and the public that we will be closed until further notice. We regret to inform that we have some staff members positive for Covid19 and we will take this time to quarantine and isolate. We will also be doing thorough sanitzation of the hospital in the up coming week in accordance to MOH's standard.

Day in, day out - we have continuously been enforcing safety and preventative measures for the safety of our patients and staff but regrettably the virus found its way into our facility. To note the staff affected are showing mild to no symptoms.

It is imperative that we all keep wearing our masks, wash our hands, not touch our faces and proper hand sanitization but mostly limit group activities after working hours and operate as if everyone has the virus.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused as we hereby have to postpone all consults and procedures until further notice. Kindly contact our WhatsApp Hotline at 610-4737 if you have any questions regarding your appointments.