Making the confirmation of outbreaks difficult is the serious backlog in tests.

Dr. Manzanero says that rural cases are waiting as long as 7 days for a result:

Dr. Marvin Manzanero, DHS:
"For the last week I can tell you we are having a delay in terms of the amount of test that are being processed at central medical lab, so much so that on Monday, we had close to one thousand swabs that were still pending, so I know that there is some level of delay that people are a little bit, it wasn't 3 days, it's gone to 5 days, in some instances it has gone to 7 days, especially if you're coming from a rural area because by the time the swab gets to Belize City, then there is a further delay in processing those samples. The lab has been trying to work 24/7 this week, try to catch up to all those samples."

To recover from the backlog, a record number of tests were processed today.

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