The Commissioner of Police Chester Williams commented on the crush of passengers seen forcing their way unto buses.

Now, for commuters - it's simply the law of the jungle called public transport in Belize. Crowded buses are a norm, with social distancing regulations thrown out the window.

But, months ago government vowed to change it - mainly because of COVID and implement a ticketing system.

Well, guess what? They plan to do so tomorrow - even though bus operators are pushing back at incurring any extra expense.

The COMPOL said police officers will be holding drivers accountable:

"If I can just get into another question about the flashpoint of infection. Public transportation such as the buses we've seen this week, a lot of pictures of people rushing and overcrowding buses. Now it seems the bus system is going to implement a ticketing system. We've heard that the police will be there to enforce the implementation of that tomorrow. Can you comment on that?"

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"Yes, that has already been in the regulation before and I have discussed with my officers in a conference yesterday the need for us to crack down on this public transportation and hold the drivers and conductors accountable for what occurs on the buses that they control. I do anticipate that we are going to see a reduction in the number of incidents where buses are concerned. I want to appeal to our people again that if you see the buses are already to capacity, do not risk your life by becoming a standee on that bus. You're going to have two risks then, one is the risk of catching COVID and two, if that bus were to get involved in an accident, the fact that you're standing you will not have anything that you can grab on to prevent you from flying through that windshield. You put yourself at great danger by being a standee in a bus, so if the bus is full then for Christ sake wait for another one. I would also like to say to the bus operators, you all know your busy hours. When you know that you are in your busy hours, send another bus instead of having the passengers packed up in one bus. It is surely not healthy and it is also a violation of the law."

Williams had previously stated that bus operators would also be held accountable for overcrowding, so we'll wait and see.

Channel 7