Patrick Faber today attended the last Cabinet meeting of the Barrow era.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has sat in the Captains Chair in the big room for 12 years - longer than anyone else in post independent Belize.

And while they didn't make a toast - or give teary speeches - there were a few kind words shared. Faber gave us a tiny peep behind the "cabinet confidential" curtain to tell us what went down:

Patrick Faber, Leader of UDP
"We agreed that today's cabinet meeting would be the last one although if we or if the prime minister determines moving forward to the election date that there is some matter that requires us to convene again we will but there is no planned session and indeed the prime minister shared with his cabinet colleagues what a wonderful joy it was for him to lead the cabinet and the government's business and the nation's business for all of these years and likewise other cabinet colleagues including myself shared with prime minister equal sentiments of joy and appreciation for his service to the nation in the capacity as prime minister for all of those years."

Jules Vasquez:
"Sir was it, it was not what had been planned the prime minister, Mr. Barrow had said that he would step aside with a year to go and hand it over to the deputy we know that didn't happen, then there was some suggestion that maybe months to go, it seems from an outsider's perspective that in some sense he was determined that you would not hold the reigns of prime minister, he would hold on to it as he will until the very last day and if you become prime minister, it will be of your own making as party leader. Was it mean of him to have not given you a chance at the wheel?"

Patrick Faber, Leader of UDP
"Listen you have asked me if not you many other members of them media have posed this question already to me and all I will say to this is that you will have a Patrick faber prime ministership soon enough, it is the will of the people and I prefer to do it that way with the full backing of the democratic process of our country and that is the only insistence that I will make in terms of my aspiration to be prime minister."

Barrow has told us he will not do any retrospective interviews on his legacy or time in office.

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