The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to share some exciting and timely news. Belize has won the 2020 TripSavvy Editorsí Choice Award for Industry Leaders. TripSavvy is one of world's top-10 travel information sites, reaching 2 million+ travellers.

Annually, over 50 editors and writers worldwide comb through a yearís worth of ratings, reviews, and data to identify the best-of-the-best in travel around the world. However with the arrival of Covid-19, judging based on three months of business as usual for 2020 did not allow for the usual methodology to be followed. They thus focused on businesses and industries that overwhelmingly met the moment: meaningful solutions with the end goals of staying afloat, protecting their people, and making a difference during a year thatís been challenging for so many reasons.

Based on Belizeís robust measures and protocols in response to Covid-19 and the resulting editorial coverage Belize proved worthy and ultimately captured the nod of the judges. This coveted industry leader award would have not been possible without your support and commitment to Gold; we applaud you and invite you to share the news with your audiences.