As part of its continued active surveillance across the country, the Ministry of Health deployed a team of officers from its headquarters and the Central Health Region to assess the developing situation at the Kolbe Foundation.

There was an initial desktop review of surveillance, containment measures, and random testing across the prison on October 27, 2020. This has resulted in 190 samples being processed with the SD Biosensor rapid antigen tests and 90 samples being reactive for COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health is working closely with prison officials to further manage and contain the spread at the prison facility. The Ministry has advised for further enhancement of sanitary measures to continue to safeguard the overall health of the inmates.

The Ministry of Health will continue to provide relevant support to address the surge in COVID-19 being experienced across the country.

The public is advised to continue to exercise all prevention measures at all times including properly wearing a mask, handwashing, social distancing, and leaving home only when necessary.