UnderSea Belize is an interactive, educational TV series about Belize's marine environment for all-ages. This series was created by ReeKeeper Belize and Shamax Productions and aired on Plus TV Belize. Each episode contains hands-on activities and questions that the whole family can tackle together.

ReefKeeper Belize educates about the importance of the marine environment to promote conservation and actions that directly help the Belize Barrier Reef. ReefKeeper offers experiential field trips and classroom lessons teaching marine science, using hands-on technology to inspire learning about the ocean.

The GEF Small Grants Program funded the project. Partners are the Ministry of Education, Belize Fisheries Department, Belize’s Department of the Environment, Belize Solid Waste Management Authority, and the Smithsonian Institute Research Station. Languages: English and Kriol.

UnderSea Belize Episode 1: Marine Ecosystem
Marine Ecosystems gives an exciting underwater view of the coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass, and the amazing sea creatures of Belize and their functions in the natural world.

UnderSea Belize Episode 2: Importance of Marine Ecosystems Production
Importance of Marine Ecosystems explores the benefits of Belize's marvelous coastal and marine habitats to Belizeans and sea-lovers alike.

UnderSea Belize Episode 3: Marine Stewardship
Marine Stewardship: Discover how taking care of the marine environment in Belize can be fun and educational and see what Belizeans are doing to care for their most precious jewel. Learn how to be a ReefKeeper with reef-friendly actions to keep your ocean healthy!

UnderSea Belize: Episode 4 Plastic Pollution
Plastic Pollution: Learn about what plastic is and how plastic pollution harms sea life and humans. Investigate ways Belizeans are keeping the sea plastic-free and learn how you can take action wherever you live!