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I have always been attracted to creepy stories and strange occurrences found in books. I can remember so vividly being a little child, and well into my teen years, reading Goosebumps storybooks. While the stories of zombies, Egyptian mummies and the scarecrow that came to life were all scary to a child, to some degree they felt far and distant, so I felt safe. That changed, however, and I can thank my mom for that, as she is such a storyteller! While sitting on the porch at night enjoying the cool night breeze, she would tell us all kinds of haunting stories that happened in the mountains of Belize, now abandoned logging camps. She would also share myths of all sorts of evil spirts that wandered all over. But we do not need to go too far to find haunting places since many of them are right in this magical town.

The Macal River, a slow-moving river in Western Belize, has many tales to tell. The ancient maya used the river for fishing or as a trade route to the coast. Centuries later, as more people settled in western Belize as a result of the logging, cattle ranching and chicle industries, the only way to the west was by river boats as there was no highway. There are many spirits that haunt the river area that lure men to their demise. The most famous story in the region is that of La Llorona, the weeping woman.

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