And while Eta's torrential rains have caused major flooding all over the country, the National Met Service is forecasting that this weekend's weather should be significantly improved.

This evening, we spoke via telephone to the on-duty meteorologist at the National Met Service. She told us how many inches of rainfall they recorded since the outer bands of the storm started affecting Belize last Sunday. The Met Office's estimates that about 5 to 25 inches of rain were dumped on different parts of the country during that time:

Voice of: Angelina Guy, Meteorologist, Nat'l Met Service
"Total rainfalls from our automatic weather stations set up across the country, total spread of rainfall range from 3-22 inches. That 22 inches was recorded in Baldy Beacon in the mountains of the Cayo District. In terms of the different areas in the north, Orange Walk and Corozal the range up north was 3-6 inches. In Cayo the range was from 5-22 inches across Cayo. Belize District recorded between 1--16 inches in different locations and then down south Stann Creek/Toledo recorded 5-15 inches with Toledo being on the lower end. These rainfall amounts were from midnight on the 1st of November which was Sunday to Midday today 6th which is Friday. We are seeing some sunlight now and the system is moving away from our area moving to the northeast away from Belize and we expect that today was the last day of the constant rains."

"Belizeans could start looking to improve weather maybe starting tomorrow?"

Voice of: Angelina Guy, Meteorologist, Nat'l Met Service
"Yes, but as you know the rivers have been flooding and flooding will be expected over the next few days as the water runs downstream."

"You have any update on Eta and what it looks like at this hour?"

Voice of: Angelina Guy, Meteorologist, Nat'l Met Service
"Eta is still a tropical depression. At 3 o' clock this evening it was about 115 miles east of Belize City and continues to move away from us in a northeastward direction. It's still can strengthen to tropical storm tomorrow possibly as it moves over the northwest Caribbean Sea before reaching Cuba area or the Cayman Island. We are looking out for improve weather throughout next week. We expect dry conditions as the system moves away its pulling the moisture with it. We should be going into dryer conditions next week."

And while Belize is trying to assess the structural damage that the massive flooding caused, our Central American neighbors took the full brunt of the Hurricane's strength.

Both the Guardian UK and CNN are reporting that the estimated death toll caused by Eta is currently tallied at 100.

Reports out of Guatemala are that a mountainous village in the hurricane's path was swallowed up by devastating mudslides which killed several residents.

In Honduras, another 8 persons lost their lives, and reports are that 4,000 victims had to be evacuated. Many others remained trapped on the roof of their homes.

2 artisanal miners were reportedly killed in Nicaragua, and a landslide killed 2 more in Southern Costa Rica. We repeat that, so far, Belize has reported no loss of life.

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