In the island town of San Pedro, heavy rains inundated a number of streets in the subdivisions. The images from the island show that residents cannot exit their homes as there are several feet of water in front of their properties. On the lagoon side, several boats sank and despite efforts to retrieve the vessels, many are still under water. News Five spoke with Reporter Dion Vansen of the San Pedro Sun about the situation on the island.

On the Phone: Dion Vansen, Senior Reporter, San Pedro Sun

“Last night was the last heavy rain. As a result, most of the streets in the subdivisions are under water and there are areas where residents cannot come out of their homes because they are low-lying areas that have been flooded. Another thing that was noticed this morning is that due to last night’s torrential rains, some boats on the west side of the island, like the lagoon side, were almost completely covered by the water. We can see about three different boats where their owners were there this morning trying to see what they can do to save anything from the machines. After midday, everything, like the sea in the front, became calm; there were no surges. After a couple hours, the sun came out, so everything is back to normal. There is no more rain and we hope that if that is the case, then in a couple days, the streets will be back to normal.”

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