While the mandate of the police department balances community police and active crime-fighting, in charting a new course more emphasis will be placed on community policing, an area in which ComPol Williams has extensive training and experience.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs & New Growth

We need to emphasize more the importance of community oriented policing. I believe that the police department has taken a bad rap over the years, you do have some bad apples in the bunch that may use excessive force at times. At times though, we have to accept as a society that they may have been warranted in their use of force because they, themselves, may have come under attack. So we have to understand that its not every instance where you see that force is used that it was excessive and so we need to categorize that and classify that and classify that. But certainly, moving forward the intention is, and I think it is universally accepted that we need to take a more community-based approach to policing, having more respect for our citizens, being above board and certainly that would not just improve the morale of the police department but of the citizenry on a whole.

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