Minister of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation Andre Perez says that the recently enacted gill net ban will have to be revisited. Earlier this morning, a statutory Instrument signed into law the ban of gill nets from maritime waters. The area covered by the ban includes all the sea under the jurisdiction of Belize. But Minister Perez says that more benefits have to be afforded to the fisherfolks. He says that it is important that more attention is given to the fisherfolks who will be affected by the ban.

Andre Perez, Minister of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation

“First of all that gill net ban and everything will have to be revisited. It needs to be revisited in terms of what is out there but I will tell you this it is an issue certainly to guard our waters. We certainly will need a tremendous amount of resources to fight.”


“When you say review, is it the look or an intention or reverting a total gill net ban?”

Andre Perez

“No, let me be clear. Banning gill net is important. It is just that we do not know if there is anything there that has been beneficial for our fisherfolks. I believe that more is need to be given to our fisherfolks. Banning gill net is something that I support and I that is the position of our new government. I believe that our fisherfolk needs to be given more attention. We cannot be banning them and having no option to the fisherfolks. That is what I was referring too.”

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