Patients to be tended at Polyclinic

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The Mar del Tumbo flu clinic south of downtown San Pedro is closed for the time being due to the heavy rainfall on the island. Its premises are flooded and patients seeking COVID-19 related services are advised to visit the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II starting Monday, November 23rd.

The National Meteorological Service of Belize has forecast that the rain could continue through Tuesday, November 24th. The rainy weather for the past days has been associated with the remnants of Category 5 Hurricane Iota. The major storm entered Central America touching down on Nicaragua on Tuesday, November 17th, with sustained winds of 160 Miles Per Hour, destroying communities and displacing tens of thousands of persons and leaving many dead. In Belize, heavy rainfall continues, causing flooding on the mainland and on the Cayes. Most streets in San Pedro are severely flooded and areas without proper drainage, like the Flu Clinic have been inundated. The facility has become unsafe to use and it could take days before the water rescinds.

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