And so while there is some anxiety surrounding the new government - and the number of possible infections in the Cabinet - there's still some work happening.

As we've reported they've already started moving and shaking multiple of their predecessor's restrictions and programs. First farmers got the green light to once again send their cattle across the border, installed and recalled C.E.O. 's, and now they've put the pantry on pause.

Only don't call it the pantry because that name, as we heard earlier today from Minister of Human Development Dolores Balderamos Garcia has been abolished.

Hon. Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, Minister for Human Development
"We have put a small pause because we want to make a review, there is actually 2 different programs, what we use to call the pantry and by the way that word word is abolished. We are calling it Grocery Bag now. So we have the Grocery Bag, but then you also have the food assistance under the Covid emergency regulations. Now we want to help the people who need it most, but clearly as a new administration we have t6o make a little bit of review. It won't stop right now but clearly the policy decisions going forward will have to come from cabinet and I will take my instructions from cabinet, but I can speak to say that we have paused to make certain reviews as to the suppliers and the distributors and the recipients and of course with a mandate like what we received we have to assist the rural; areas a little bit more, because I think it was a little bit heavily Belize City and now as you know the new government there are three Belize rural constituencies that are represented by our administration now and I have to make sure that we try to divide up the little pie. In the same way that the Prime Minister had to divide up the pie of portfolios, we have to divide a limited pie and it is not sustainable in the very long run, because we are talking about loan funding, but we will do our best to be as fair as we possibly can keeping in mind the political mandate but we won't be snatching away food from people who continue to have the need. Just give us a little chance to get our feet on the ground."

Cherisse Halsall:
"Minister any indication how long that pause will be, because I can tell you that a few months ago when something was happening with a pause, the previous Anthony Boots Martinez went out there himself and was galvanizing people because they needed to get their pantries."

Hon. Dolores Balderamos-Garcia
"It'll be a couple of days dear, let me assure you. It's not going to be 2-3 weeks or a month - Christmas di come, so we will do our best, but realizing of course that we are in difficult times, so work with us on that noh. Same thing, same thing it's the same thing but I, this is personal now and it has been renamed "Grocery Bag" instead of pantry."

The Minister also said that the qualification aspect of the "grocery bag" program remains, and she commended the staff of her Ministry for their quote: "level of accountability the OPEC fund" End quote.

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