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Over its $2k monthly rent bill

The Mar de Tumbo Flu Clinic remains closed after heavy rainfall left its premises inundated and unsafe for the medical staff and patients. The flu clinic, located on private property south of downtown San Pedro, is expected to open as soon as the water recedes/dries out and the area becomes suitable again. But the fate of the much-needed medical facility addressing COVID-19 is uncertain due to financial restraints.

In speaking with the property owner, no rent was initially charged when the centre was established in March because improvements to the property were for a good cause. However, as it became apparent that the pandemic was here for an extended time, the temporary flu clinic evolved into a long-term project. After some time with no rental fee, the landlord eventually reached an agreement with the medical authorities, and $2,500 in rent is paid monthly. The landlord confirmed that the lease expires in December but is unaware of plans regarding the property by authorities from the Ministry of Health. He is aware of the issues with finances and is willing to work along with them. He looks forward to sitting down with the respective parties and discussing plans/propositions regarding the property’s use in 2021. Newly elected Area Representative Honourable Andre Perez is expected to lobby Central Government for assistance. According to reports, the previous government did not support the flu clinic financially. If this situation remains the same, the other option is to fund the clinic’s services by reaching out to the private sector for donations.

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