Crime in San Pedro has been relatively low over the past few months. The last recorded murder was in mid October and the victim was twenty-eight-year-old Marisela Gonzales who was allegedly shot by her husband, David Gonzales. But it was many weeks before Gonzales’ body was found that San Pedro Police had recorded a major incident. Coastal Executive Unit Commander, Superintendent Christopher Noble says it is all about community basic policing.

Supt. Christopher Noble, Commander, Coastal Executive Unit

“Over a year ago I believe I gave an interview saying that there is no bad people. There is good people that make bad decisions. Our strategy has been basic, back to basic policing, the meeting of the public, and the accessibility of the public to us. We have been pretty successful in getting that done. The people have been receptive and again, San Pedro is San Pedro. It is a unique community but a unique community that works for itself to suffice for itself and the country at large.”


“Has there been any resistance, or was there any resistance to maybe stricter measures that you had though that you needed to put in place?”

Supt. Christopher Noble

“There is no stricter measure. It is already what we had. The stricter measures wear basic policing and getting that into everybody is very easy because everybody has some sense of discipline. It starts at home.”

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