Kareem Musa is the Minister of New Growth Industries. It is a new ministry created by the Briceño administration and its purpose is to invest in viable industries that would contribute to the economic development of the country. Musa describes the industry as bold and he looks beyond the traditional markets and industries. He says that two industries he is looking at are the hemp and cassava flour industries.   

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs & New Growth Industries

“It is a bold new ministry. It was not there before and so the Prime Minister has tasked me to employ my best efforts in exploring new industries for our country. As you know there are traditional industries, sugar, citrus, banana, are all there but there is room for more improvement, new greater opportunities for new industries for our country. So I am definitely looking forward for that challenge.  As you know Mexico recently joined the bandwagon of decriminalizing and to some extent legalizing marijuana and of course hemp. Those are two of the most popular growth expansionary industries but there are other industries as well; for instance, cassava flour. There are a lot of different industries that we hope to look into and to see hot it is Belize can benefit from these industries.”

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