21 days in office and Prime Minister John Briceno still hasn't faced the press - but he's been proving that his government is proficient at one way communication - such as Facebook addresses, press releases, and manicured media appearances with the press office or friendly media.
This evening's Cabinet brief details the business of yesterday's virtual Cabinet session. First, Government will have to find 9 million dollars to fix the roads after all that flooding. That's what the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Housing, Julius Espat updated the Cabinet on when he addressed the current state of the nation's roads.

In news of investigations into wrong doing, Cabinet says will launch a full investigation into the "sell-off" of government assets by the previous administration. And Cabinet has authorized a forensic audit of Belize Infrastructure Limited, including all projects it administered.

On the judicial front, Attorney General, Magali Marin-Young, presented a proposal to amend the legislation to impose time limits for the delivery of judgments in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Cabinet also discussed important amendments to the Contractor General Act including proposals to introduce an independent Public Contracts Commission to review and approve the award of public contracts and to work along with the Contractor General to investigate any suspicious public contracts.

Orlando Habet, the Minister of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management, updated the Cabinet on NEMO's ongoing assistance for victims of Hurricanes ETA and IOTA. The Minister said that household appliances and other supplies were being provided to more than 2,800 persons.

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