Yesterday afternoon into evening, Belize City residents were impacted when a sudden storm dumped 5 inches of rainfall over the Central Region of the country. 7News understands that a cold front passed over Belize, and after it regressed, it caused the downpour.

After only a few hours, a few of the low-lying City's streets became flooded. The good news is that after the rain stopped the water ran off just as quickly.

Today we asked the Deputy Mayor of Belize City if City Hall was keeping the drains clear enough to make sure water runs off in a timely manner.

Michael "Chips" Noralez - Deputy Mayor, CEMO "Yesterday was a very good example of what we were expecting, but I don't think we were expecting so much water quickly. The streets were inundated. I took a tour during the storm, and I noticed that water started building up around Vernon Street, the Pound Yard area, and some of the other areas that we were working on earlier. So, what I did, I made sure I got my guys out to go out there, monitor the situation and were pleasantly surprised that by midnight last night, water was off the street. So, it simply means the remedial works that we've been doing, the infrastructural works that we have been doing with the drains are working. So, I'm happy that the city was dry this morning, and I think the Mayor called us out and said good job guys, but I'm just glad the rains held up a bit."

Reporter "For those residents who may have been expecting immediate relief through draining, is that a reasonable expectation?"

Michael "Chips" Noralez "Well, yes, it's reasonable because what we did also, we had the backhoe out digging certain drains that were clogged, like for example in the Antelope Street area, and I think we also went somewhere in Coral Grove, Sun Rise, Sundial because all of those streets were inundated as well, But they were cleared quickly all the outlets. We've on it ever since, even before the hurricane season started, when it was dry because we made sure that all the outlets were cleared. We noticed too that as soon as the outlets are cleared, people have a tendency to - because you have to get rid of garbage. But, I would advise them, instead of dumping the garbage, just indiscriminately, don't be afraid to give us a call at the council, and we'll accommodate. We need to."

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