Government of Belize to implement new measures to improve Judiciary:

In its commitment to improving the delivery of justice to the citizens of Belize, the Government of Belize has decided to join other countries in region to legislatively impose time limits on judges to hand down their decisions in court matters of the Supreme Court and the Court of Belize. This will be done along with improving the infrastructure under which judges operate and, where possible, increasing the size of the budget that funds the judiciary.

The delay in the delivery of judgments has become a perennial problem in the administration of justice in Belize, which has significantly impacted Belizeans in their quest for justice, and has weakened the confidence of the public in the judiciary. The problem in delay stems from several factors, including an under-resourced judiciary.

With these measures, it is hoped that in time, the lives of the citizenry of this country will be greatly improved.